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NFT Mining

Combining technology and

the humanities to create high-quality NFTs that best

describe an artist's image.

We provide the following services for Klaytn based NFT projects.

NFT Market

NFT & KTT Staking

Provides a convenient transaction

Environment without a bridge, and provides a way to check all of my NFT transaction details at once.

We provide a system that can provide differential benefits according to the various rarities of NFT. Through this, issuers can further activate NFT projects, and holders can enjoy various benefits.

Klayticket platform service



In-game NFT linkage (Guild exclusively for NFT holders, events for NFT holders, etc.) Expanding to P2E (Play to Earn) games using NFT


Support the creation of new business models by developing
various on/off-line products

using the issued NFT IP

Expand into a new fandom

Community by communicating directly with artists through the provision of a dedicated SNS that only NFT holders can participate in



Virtual asset

NFT Minting

NFT Market

KTT is a cryptocurrency that supports klaytn-based
NFT projects to be used on the Klayticket platform

Klaytn based NFT trading

Standard digital asset

2022 1Q

·Write a white paper

·LMC Kunta NFT project started

·NFT Marketplace Development

·Expansion of NFT project (once a month)

·NFT Commerce launch

·Opened LMC Lounge

(Gangnam & Indonesia)

2023 2Q

·LMC Kunta NFT Casting

·KTT issue

·Single deposit service started

·Discover new NFT projects

2022 2Q
2023 3Q

·NFT-based SNS service launch

·DID-based NFT authentication

·NFT Fragment Exchange launched

2022 3Q

·LMC Skull & Haha NFT Casting

·NFT Marketplace launch

·Opened LMC Lounge (Vietnam)

·Composite deposit service started

2024 1Q

·LMC 3rd NFT Minting

·Car NFT Minting

·NFT travel product linkage

·Opened LMC Lounge (Hongdae)

2022 4Q

Road Map

·Enter the global NFT market

·Global Office Conversion (Singapore)

·Expand the NFT platform

2024 1Q

·LMC Lounge Franchise

·Global NFT commerce launch

2024 3Q

·20+ NFT Minting Complete

·LMC Lounge Open by Base (Korea & Asia)

·NFT music service launch

2023 4Q

·NFT-based P2E game launch

·10+ P2E alliance

(Expansion of P2E portal service)

2024 2Q

·40+ NFT Minting Complete

·Linkage and expansion of NFT services in Metaverse

2024 4Q

·K-Goblin NFT Minting

·P2E portal service launched

·Discovering new related businesses and NFT services

·K-Goblin NFT Minting

·P2E portal service launched

·Discovering new related businesses and NFT services

레퍼 쿤타, NFT 컬렉션 공개

쇼미더머니 시즌 10에서 결승까지 진출했던 래퍼 쿤타가 NFT(Non-Fungible Token, 대체 불가능한 토큰) 컬렉션을 공개했다.


케이블록, 사자레코드와 NFT 공동 사업 계약

NFT 서NFT 서비스 전문 기업 ㈜케이블록은 ㈜사자레코드와 함께 뮤지션 NFT 발행 및 서비스 제공을 포함한 계약을 체결했다고 11일 밝혔다.



케이블록, 가상자산 커스터디 사업 진출

NFT 서비스 전문 기업 케이블록은 지난 1일 가상자산 커스터디 프로젝트 합작 법인 ‘블루시아’ 설립을 위한 조인식을 갖고 커스터디 사업 진출을 공식화했다고 5일 밝혔다.


NFT 전문 기업 케이블록, 갤럭시아메타버스와 MOU 체결

NFT 전문 기업 케이블록(대표이사 김수원)은 블록체인 전문 기업 갤럭시아메타버스(대표이사 고광림)와 PFP(Profile Picture) ...


케이블록, 첫번째 아티스트 프로젝트 ‘쿤타’ NFT 완판 달성

NFT 전문 기업 ㈜케이블록 (대표 김수원)이 발행한 NFT (Non-Fungible Token, 대체불가능 토큰) 쿤타 컬렉션이...


케이블록, 쿤타 NFT프로젝트 홀더 함께한 제주도 여행 성료

NFT 전문 기업 ㈜케이블록은 NFT(대체 불가능 토큰) 쿤타 컬렉션이 홀더들과 제주도 여행을 다녀왔다고 31일 밝혔다.


케이블록, 세계 최대 규모 NFT 행사 'NFT.NYC' 참가

NFT 기업 케이블록이 이달 20일부터 23일까지 'NFT의 다양성 (The Diversity of NFTs)'이란 주제로 뉴욕에서 ...


케이블록, 모빌리티 분야 NFT 사업 본격화 시동

클레이티켓을 운영하는 NFT 전문 기업 ㈜케이블록은 자동차 관련 기업인 시퀀스엔, 카동과 잇달아 업무협약을 맺으며 모빌리티 NFT 사업을 본격적으로 시작한다고 12일 밝혔다.


NFT Ecosystem Differentiation Strategy

Each attribute is designed and technically implemented so that NFTs

are randomly generated during issuance with a defined probability.

Various events can be held without additional coding for NFT holders with specific properties.

Design by property
NFT Minting

“Randomly during minting NFT

Issuance and Tier Determination”

Various events

“Automatically show events only by

NFT holders with that attribute”

VENTEZ Printing

to NFT holders

VENTEZ T-shirt provided

wallpaper sandboxto NFT holders20% discount

on concert tickets

Tier 1 Mask Properties NFT

Tier 2 FLEX Printing NFTDouble benefits

for compound deposits

- Exclusive reservations and discounts for NFT holders

- Regular artist performances and impromptu performances

- Sales of NFT-linked products

- Exclusive reservations and discounts for NFT holders

- themed tour with an artist

- Artist world tour accompaniment

By providing various services for NFT holders in the real world, Increase the utility of NFTs.

In the Cable Lock NFT Ecosystem, we promote a business that can increase the value of NFT through steady collaboration with artists. By providing various benefits to investors (holders), we create a win-win model for artists and investors (holders).

Differentiated service provision

A new concept of collaboration

- Collaboration projects with other NFT minting artists (joint concert, collaboration fan signing event, etc.)

- Creating a new NFT using each NFT

Direct communication channel with artists

- Expanding a fandom culture that shares the values of artists

- Differentiated service available only for NFT holders of artists

- Investment return through deposit, collateral, etc.

- Take profit when NFT price rises

- Offer benefits when minting with other NFTs (minting with less than the market price)

Increase in value as artists grow

- As the artist grows, the value of the NFT rises as well.

- Production of new goods using owned NFT 

(sale/distribution is only possible on the cable lock platform)

high profit expectations

New revenue model

- Sales revenue from NFT minting

- Royalty in NFT transactions (a kind of copyright concept)

- New Goods Sales/Distribution Revenue Using NFT

- Differentiated service available only to NFT holders

- Offline meeting held

- NFT-only SNS operation

- Pre-release of works (sound sources, etc.)




NFT buying


KTT compensation

NFT sell

KTT buying

KTT sell


Create a virtuous cycle structure of KTT distribution through various NFT minting projects, and create a virtuous cycle structure of NFT distribution through various NFT deposit products.We build Cable Lock's own NFT Ecosystem.


•    KTT distribution virtuous cycle through various NFT minting projects (KTT distribution adjustment, KTT value increase)

•    NFT distribution virtuous cycle through various NFT deposit products (NFT holders increase, NFT value increases)

KTT adjustment



NFT Ecosystem

Investor (holder)

Virtual asset exchange

NFT minting

Single NFT deposit

Composite NFT deposit



NFT Transaction

KTT compensation

NFT purchase

Rank 319

LMC Koonta #7326

NFT minting complete

Rank 1133

LMC Koonta #789

NFT minting complete

It is provided so that you can check the rarity

rank information of randomly issued

NFTs when participating in

NFT issuance on the Klayticket platform.


Backers from various fields who agree and support our goals